Snow Town Ice Classic Valdez, AK Permit No. 1539

Snow Town CLOSED! Join us again next year 2023!

Guesses are to be made using Alaska Standard Time

$5 Per Ticket

Tickets are not mailable. Tickets marked or filled out incorrectly will be rejected. Final decisions about unclear tickets will be made by the Snow Town Ice Classic Committee.

Advocates for Victims of Violence, Inc

Snow Town Ice Classic

Advocates for Victims of Violence and the City of Valdez have been partnered since 2014 and have been collaborating to bring the Snow Town Ice Classic event to Valdez, Alaska.

Every year AVV's board members, staff, and advocates sell tickets in February til mid April. Purchasers have an opportunity to make a guess of the date and time when the tower will drop into Ruth Pond located in town.

The winner is determined by whoever makes the closest guess to when the tower at Ruth Pond drops (the top bar must touch the water)! Proceeds are a 50/50 split between the winner and AVV.


2022 Ice Classic Winner
Advocates for Victims of Violence, Inc

Previous Years Tower Drop TImes

  • 2014 19-Apr 1:24PM

  • 2015 27-Apr 3:42PM

  • 2016 23-Apr 4:51PM

  • 2017 2-May 5:35PM

  • 2018 29-Apr 8:03PM

  • 2019 16-Apr 11:36AM

  • 2020 1-May 4:18PM

  • 2021 6-May 7:52PM

  • 2022 5-May 7:36AM


Snow Town Ice Classic Payouts


  • 2015 $228.00

  • 2016 $1,860.00

  • 2017 $1,921.50

  • 2018 $2,832.00

  • 2019 $2941.50

  • 2020 $1,570.50 split between two winners $785.25 each

  • 2021 $2,937.21

  • 2022 $4,030.00

Our sponsors & partners

Advocates for Victims of Violence, Inc